why is my sewing machine needle hitting the bobbin case

Last night I was happily sewing along when the needle hit a pin and broke off. Insert the bobbin case so that the triangle mark on the bobbin case aligns with the circle mark on the race. Your brother sewing machine is made to use a bobbin specifically designed to give the best stitching results. When the thread tension is off, it can cause your machine needle to bend or even break. Your sewing machine guide is the best resource to check how it should be inserted in the bobbin case. Lint builds up in your bobbin case as you sew. The needle, bobbin case and bobbin must all turn and feed at exactly the same time and in the same motion or the machine will not work properly. Interests: repairing sewing machines, mules, blacksmithing; Report post; Posted January 13, 2015. But if it happens, you really do need to fish it out of there, (the broken bit of the needle the bobbin case is sitting on) for a bobbin case to even lay flat in the metal basket at that point. Singer sewing machine needles are longer than other branded sewing needles. This interaction creates knots, which are the building blocks of sewing machine stitches. 3. I haven't used my machine for a couple of months, I pulled it out the other day and changed my bobbin thread and when I tried too pull the bobbin thread up through the needle plate, the needle was hitting something under the needle plate. This small metal plate/spring is attached to the bobbin case with a screw. I've had my 301A for about 2 weeks now and it has quickly risen to my number 1 machine. Before you try to sew again, take out the bobbin case and clean out any lint buildup or bits of thread. Using the finger to help wind the bobbin evenly Sewing machine not picking up the bobbin thread. Replace your needle, it is probably bent. Test the timing further by stepping on the pedal and allowing the sewing machine to work faster and the feed dogs to move the fabric through, forming the stitches properly. bend the needle deflector away from the needle. However I just used it today & it's running smoothly again. When I was sewing, the message came up "Motor Blocked" and the needle broke. The loops might still be forming, but your needle might be hitting the hook. I turned the machine off and on to try to reset the needle position. Needle Hits the Bobbin Case. If this doesn't solve the problem, take it into a sewing machine … If you wonder where the bobbin tension disks/plates are on a sewing machine (Brother, Singer, Janome) you can see them in the video below.. It's important to use only original Brother Bobbins of the correct size for your machine. Three needles in a row broke and now my needle is hitting the bobbin case before it slides into the bobbin case to catch the lower thread. The first is that you put the needle backward. Follow these instruction to reset the sewing machine needle timing. Fabric Not Feeding Under the Needle . Several issues can cause fabric feed problems. I have a Singer Stylist 7258, and I've owned it for a few months now, and I've successfully completed a number of projects on it. If you will take the bobbin case out of the shuttle and remove the shuttle cover. I replaced the old needle with a new one and pushed it all the way in and it is still coming down just a tad too early. If you do not have the manual for your sewing machine, it is possible to find free sewing machine manuals or replacement manuals online. Tangled bobbin thread or the thread wrapping around your bobbin case is the most usual sewing machine malfunction to rapidly wreck any project you’re chipping away at. So I was wondering if there is a reason why my machine is going hog wild with the decorative stitch. A sewing machine is a precise machine in which all the pieces must work exactly as they were meant without even a minute adjustment. I took the feed dog off of my Pfaff 335 recently and noticed that the needle (a brand new, straight size 21) hits the slot in the bobbin case on the right hand side (as I'm facing the machine. Pull both threads to the back or reverse the bobbin and needle. I removed the old needle but discovered that the needle is now hitting the bobbin case housing (if that's what it is called) when it goes down. Test your sewing machine. Refer to the owner's manual for your particular Singer model if you need guidance. You can lean the sewing machine back a little and by turning the hand wheel you can observe the needle to hook timing. Tonight when I was sewing, I threaded a new bobbin, and loaded it in the machine, but it seemed to make a noise during every stitch and the upper tension was all off. But, first replace the needle with a size 90 brand new sewing machine needle. I’ve taken the case off and cleaned entirely inside, oiled it up, rethread it with different thread, changed the needle twice, and it ran for a minute without knocking, now it’s doing it again. The Needle is Bent. The sharp point of the needle catches the bobbin thread, which makes a loop. 4. 3. Or you have the wrong needle for your project. - Align the triangle and circle marks. There could several reasons why you needle is hitting the needle plate. Sewing machines make stitches by using the needle to intersect the upper thread with the lower bobbin thread. The company makes machines for embroidering, quilting, general sewing and serging. First, make sure if you are using a sewing machine that is not a singer that you do NOT have singer sewing machine needles in the sewing machine. This can be caused if the top thread tension is too tight, or if the bobbin thread is not in the bobbin case tension. Or the bobbin is in backward. Singer CG 500/550 Sewing Machine The needle does not pick up the thread from the bobbin. I have a Kenmore 385.16221 sewing machine I was sewing to night and all of a sudden the needle started to get stuck and produce knots in the bobbin thread and pulling the material and the needle to the side. I think I have only had that happen to me, on one machine, only once in my life of sewing though. There are common problems that have a common source and you need to spend time cleaning and lubricating. After fixing the jammed needle, the needle shaft would shift to the left when turning the wheel on the right. If this does not happen, your hook timing is off. Maintaining a Pfaff sewing machine is like maintaining every other sewing machine ever made. The needle is not installed correctly. Slow down and see if the knocking noise is coming from your bobbin case. This is what gives the bobbin thread its tension.The screw is tightened and when the thread is going between this plate and the bobbin case there is some pressure applied to the thread. Replace your machine's old needle with a new, size 90 sewing machine needle. However, that’s an important part of knowing how to diagnose sewing machine problems. If your thread is not secured on the spool pin, It can throw the tension off. I had been sewing some badges onto towels for a friend & thought I had really messed up my machine when the needle started hitting the metal plate. Inspect the bobbin case. If your sewing machine needle is hitting the bobbin case every time, it goes down into the stitch plate then check a couple of things. Check your machine manual for the correct size. Another thing to check is whether the bobbin is inserted in the bobbin case correctly. Yet, don’t freeze or hustle because of this issue because it is quite often very simple to fix. Also, it is not picking up the bobbin thread. My needle is hitting the bobbin case. 1. If this happens, take everything back out of the bobbin area, inspect the bobbin case of nicks, and insert a new needle. I took out the thread and cleaned the bobbin case. Thread can also get wound around the components and cause your sewing machine to get stuck. Insert a piece of scrap fabric, and turn the hand wheel slowly to ensure that the needle won't hit the bobbin casing. Your needle may also bend if you’re using the wrong type for the fabric you’re sewing or the needle is inserted incorrectly. So check that too. Your Bobbin Case Is Full of Lint. If your sewing machine is missing stitches, or the needle seems to be catching on the bobbin case or hook. Firstly, we need to make sure that the sewing machine is OFF. so it just clears the needle then carefully see if the hook hits the needle. If Bobbin Thread Is Showing on the Top of the Fabric. Make sure that the flat spot of the needle faces the back of the machine. First, check if you used a bobbin that has been designed for your machine. On my Janome 7318 machine, the needle is hitting the bobbin casing holder, when it is at its lowest point. I have tried using the decorative stitch settings on my Babylock Audrey all to find out that it broke my needle. Sewing needle may bend if the sewing machine you’re working with is threaded incorrectly. Strange. Re-threading the Sewing Machine. Thank you for the model number. A sewing machine needle is the smallest and usually one of the least expensive parts of a sewing machine to replace; you owe it to yourself to understand everything about sewing machine needles. Start with a new needle so you are sure it is not bent. I think my bobbin spool is now 'more springy' in the case (the small metal bendable plate inside bobbin case … (Great terminology, I know.) Your Handwheel Needs Oil. All modern top loading Brother sewing machines will use an 11.5 mm bobbin (SFB), while some older models will use a 9.2mm bobbin (TLB). 2. Janome has a long history of producing quality, easy-to-use sewing machines. I changed thread. Next, both the bobbin and top thread are not in their correct positions. Prior to this happening, the needle jammed. There are at least 9 reasons why your Janome sewing machine is not picking up the bobbin thread. Make sure that you are using the correct size needle for the item you are sewing. I have a Pfaff 2140. I pulled off the needle plate and pulled the bobbin case out, and when I lowered the needle, it was hitting the wheel that turns under the bobbin case. I rechecked to make sure my needle was in correctly. I changed my bobbin. #5 - Sewing Machine Needle Keeps Hitting the Metal Plate. Thank you Myla Houle May 2010 : There is more help available. The following troubleshooting tips will fix … Sometimes a knocking noise can indicate a problem with your hook timing. 03 of 06. If it is not in the correct position, the needle will not go down and pick-up your bobbin thread. - Grasp both sides of the needle plate cover and slide it to the front of the machine to remove this cover and remove the bobbin. ; Make sure the bobbin-winding spindle has been pushed back to initial position for sewing after the bobbin was winded. My brother sewing machine makes a very loud knocking noise near the hand wheel when sewing full speed. Indeed, experiencing issues with the needle hitting the metal plate can feel very discouraging. If you have already installed a new needle and it still hitting the shuttle hook you may have to get the shuttle hook to needle re-timed. Regular maintenance is usually enough to keep your machine running smoothly, but sometimes you may run into problems with broken needles, skipped stitches, bad tension or seam puckering. Set the stitch length to "2." Use a screwdriver to tighten the screw. When your needle goes down, the hook system on your sewing machine creates a loop to form a stitch. Check the bobbin. My CG 500/550 Singer Sewing Machine's bobbin isn't working.? It can get in the way of your needle and prevent the hook in your bobbin case from forming stitches properly. Always check to see if you have threaded the machine properly, placed the bobbin and its case correctly, then moved the bobbin lever to sew. Things were going along when the needle started hitting the plate instead of inside the little [filtered]. I changed my needle. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue. Also replace or repair any other parts if they are broken or worn out. Clean your sewing machine frequently to ensure you can turn your handwheel. See the pic below). This is extremely important, the needle must be unused, and the correct one! The needle clamp screw could be loose. You can solve the problem by following the below mentioned points. I then realized after the second broken needle that my needle was no longer going into the bobbin thingy, but instead kept hitting the throat plate. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! When cleaning a sewing machine bobbin area, if the bobbin case is not replaced in the correct location, the needle can hit it and break.

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