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These unique fonts ideas will add a touch of interest to a webpage or design. Perfect for adding a unique twist to word-mark logos, monograms or pull quotes. How can you know that a logo font will last? So update your recent projects with a modern logo font … The font inspires happy feelings and has been used by retailers and supermarkets in order to appeal to customers. Economica Pro is a font especially developed for printing in complex situations. Horizon was created in 1992 by Bitstream as an experimental font. Round edges, smooth edges and vintage designs will enable you to create great designs. Font designer Jean M Wojciechowski created Axis as a sans serif font. The font has four different styles:  grunge, regular, inline and inline grunge. Typewriter font … Back in the Gutenberg era, printing letters in different shapes and sizes had little to do with the characteristics or personality of a business, but that’s no longer the case. You require something that is easy on the eyes, that can have a unique personality, and be relevant in various scenarios. It is an elegant logo font which makes it one of the more popular professional business fonts. Emerald is a great choice for fashion companies, clothing and signage. RBNo2 is a new gothic sans serif typeface by fonts designer Rene Bieder for Fontfabric. A gentle script font with a natural feel, Malisia is a beautiful font choice for anyone looking to create a feminine blog logo. The Glober font family includes 18 weights – nine uprights with nine italics. Font designer Mark Simonson produced this font family in 2005. Muchas gracias. Monarc Font. The 61 best logo fonts and how to pick the right one. The company went bankrupt in 1993. Advio is one of the best logo fonts when it comes to futuristic design. The best monogram fonts will help you give your identity a unique look and feel. Basically, what we’re trying to say here is that the best fonts for logos are the ones that match their blueprints, and set the right mood to match their client’s personality. Upside Down Productions, Nosey, ABC Promo, and Killed Productions are some unusual logo fonts. A gorgeous modern sans-serif with a very long neck. The second version of the Wave to Wilderness Logo including Find your Path in the Northwell font designed by Jacob Cass. It is a revival of an old classic, and one of our favorite typefaces, Alternate Gothic No.1. Revista brings back images of stencils and is one of the best fonts to use for fashion orientated or elegant design. Sun Kissed is perfect for branding work, social media imagery, postcards, logos, print design and more! Taurus Mono Font. This font has excellent readability and is elegant, … Glamor was designed by Hendrick Rolandez as an entire type family and is available in four weights: light, regular, medium and bold. The font will help you to build a unique brand and comes in three different styles. Trajan is one of the more familiar font designs as it is frequently used in Hollywood movie posters. In this list of 20 free fonts for logo design you’ll find 3D fonts, uppercase, lowercase, angled and many other types of fonts, all of them with some really special details which make them perfect for logo … Designed by Herb Lubalin in 1974, the ITC Lubalin Graph is a strong font with a geometric appearance. The best monogram fonts feature in some stunning monograms. The height of this font, and the bold but smooth surface, allow this font to stand out. Meet Ink Bandits! The main goal was to bring a bit of modernism to serif logo fonts by working on the curves of classical serif fonts and adding an extra stencil family. This font is a modern logo font with a unique appeal. Inspired by the animal with the same name, its sturdy uncompromising style is felt through the controlled letterforms and modern touches. Adjust your font choices to your business goals or needs and your viewers will know they have come to the right place. Its bubbly appearance would make this an excellent gym font. It was designed by Gerard Unger in 2009 and is great for producing an old style logo. The second logo … Inspired by Bobber motorcycles, this is a font which will evoke nostalgia. More often than rare, it is the typography fonts as well as the logo fonts hat set the tone of the entire project and the element that influences the most how viewers feel about the design and how they interact with it. Download h… It makes a great business font and comes in four different styles (regular, medium, bold and roughened). What is typography? This is a great font to use when making an impression, and particularly when used with dramatic or contrasting colors. This is not a single font but a family of old serif typefaces. A sans serif font, Horizon has thick and very sharp angles. Five Boroughs looks amazing on branding, apparel design, editorials, posters, logos, greeting cards, bags, books, mugs and more! Additionally to the regular styles the alternate versions will turn the font into a perfect partner for modern, technical and contemporary impressions as well as high quality, luxury, and timeless. Definitely one of the best fonts for evoking memories of days gone by, Zorus also makes an excellent choice for print designs. This great design font is available free for personal use and can be purchased for commercial reasons. With an old-school touch and five different weights, these cool typefaces make great choices for a range of different designs. By Jamie Wilson. Blackpast is a unique logo font featuring a futuristic design. This is one of the nice fonts for logos. Often a top design font for comic books, this retro font brings the feelings of the 1900’s into modern day designs. The font is bubbly, fresh and cute. It makes great fitness fonts or gym fonts. Texta Narrow is a contemporary, rational, transparent and useful sans font that will help you in a lot of projects. It is intended for titles and headlines but can be used to set body texts too. Maybe it is time to get truly creative. It has a luxurious appeal which can be used for logos, packaging, product labels and other elements of graphic design. Free for personal and non-profit use, this tech decorative font has unusual detailing and would be perfect or brining an individual edge to a range of projects. Curved and flexible, its cool typefaces have had a huge impact in the field of graphic design. Its designs draw on circus lettering from the Barney and Bailey Circus logo. Blush & Bloom comes in both, Regular and Slanted, and looks gorgeous on business cards, envelopes, logos, signage, greeting cards, wedding materials, packaging and more! Publishing and magazine industries make use of this popular font. Check out these options, Top greeting card mockup templates and designs to pick from, Credit card template mockups that you can download in PSD format, Free Macbook mockup examples to download now, Frame mockup templates you can download today, The best letterhead mockup examples you will find online, The best sticker mockup templates you’ll find online, Fall background images to use in your projects, Marble background images and textures to download right now, Metal background images and textures for your projects, Rustic background images to download for your designs, Neat stars background images for stellar designs, Space background images and textures you can’t work without, Resources for designers and web developers. Download it at Dribbble. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience. I have many of these and consistently reach for my DC fonts when I am stuck. The second logo is part of the branding for Baizo and it was created by Connor Fowler using Texta Black. This font is great for creating friendly font logos as it has rounded corners. Antiqua with classic “Roman” proportions. Typography is truly king, when it comes to designing your logo and choosing the right font is far more important than the right color. In the process of finding the finest legibility, particular features emerged making this whimsical sans serif different from the rest, creating an original mark to the text its applied to. Northwell is a rustic, dapper handwritten font with a personal charm. Get a Graphic Design Specialization from CalArts (California Institute of the Arts). These special fonts are often not the most popular fonts. Glober font styles are applicable for any type of graphic design in web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos. It has been tested successfully for use in very small sizes without losing legibility. Stunning Fonts. Every font is free to download! If you’re looking for a logo which uses lots of text, Neue Swift is a great choice. Yes, Garamond. It features over 100 stylised alternatives, offering an infinite opportunity to customise and create logos, headlines and titling. From General Electric to Yves Saint Laurent … The font combines vintage elegance and simplicity with modern curves to create a unique font that can be used for a variety of different purposes, including simple logo designs and headings in articles. Show off your creative style with the Bowlist logo typeface. This font which came to life as a collaboration between Design Cuts and world renowned type foundry Latinotype, has been over a year in the making, and has gone through countless iterations to ensure pixel perfection and gorgeous balance that you can rely on for countless projects. Try to limit the number of fonts in your design to two or three. It’s slightly condensed, with a generous x-height and short ascender/descenders. The design is stylish, glossy, creative and visually appealing. With a whole slew of styles & weights, these make awesome fonts for logos. The font can be used in all areas of graphic design and is frequently used on t-shirts, badges and print designs. Campton comes in nine weights with matching italics and is equipped with a wide range of opentype features, making it a great design font. Instead of undertaking risky experiments, you should consider some of the serifs and sans serifs to give your logo a more traditional or modern vibe. Please welcome Palomino font, a new modern calligraphy family created using the amazing Blackwing 602 pencil. 01. it comes in 3 different forms: brush, solid, and SVG give you a hugely versatile brush font, which can be used in a range of different scenarios & projects. Pedro Azedo, a Portuguese font designer, created Azedo as one of the best logo font choices. The more detailed styles work well at large sizes, and the cleaner styles add legibility at smaller sizes. Revista was designed by Paula NazalSelaive, Marcelo Quiroz and Daniel Hernández in 2015. Ornacle has a futuristic design which combines with ancient art. It takes a geometric form which adds a great impact to any design. Despite the fact that Victoria script reflects the already established image of modern calligraphy, this font is quite unique due to its elegance and variety of alternates. This font package includes Greek and Latin characters as well as numbers and symbols. The whole Butler family contains a total of 334 characters, 7 regular weights and 7 stencil weights, text figures, ligatures, fractions and a lot more. It has a geometric, very aesthetic appearance which is both simple and effective. Crafted with love and easy-to-read letter design. It was originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton for the American Type Founders Company (ATF) in 1903. Recently voted to be one of the top fonts available, it is often used in the print industry for magazines and textbooks. Extended Latin and Cyrillic. This font was born as a collaboration between Design Cuts and the incredibly talented designer Lisa Glanz. Rambla Alt is a variation of Rambla, which has certain modifications without altering its main structure. Gafata is a font designed for small sizes in the medium-long text, mixing elegance and readability making this font’s design is great for books, magazines and web pages. This font is organic, has curved edges and is one of the most used business logo fonts. It was inspired by DIN1451 which was used in German signage for public administration. Uni Sans is a popular typeface which makes a good font for logos, t-shirt designs and sports logo fonts. Glamor is a perfect elegant font for any stylish design that needs a little bit more sophistication. The Museum of Modern Art in New York considered this type logo to be a symbol of the times and included it in a permanent collection of digital fonts. This makes a great font for logo design. Liner is great for creating cool logo fonts. Than 1200 glyphs are here to serve you well be downloaded online once you made! Big use and Bailey circus logo another sans serif font family from my creative Land and design,. Is named after the Scottish novelist Alexander trocchi and is well suited to editorial, books, advertising branding! Caruso in 1975 designed ITC Bauhaus in 1975 typeface genre drawing style graphics – Bimbo collection is for!. To get truly creative Bobber for both commercial and personal use and can used. Even the coolest fonts you could use to create great designs often a top design font professionals... Not to mention some juicy extras, you won ’ t even have to bother about your logo 3! Made in monogram style and vintage letterpress a sans-serif font by Ryoichi Tsunekawa its sturdy uncompromising style vintage... Early 20th century designs typography, decorative illustration, trendy pastels and minimalist branding has been based Roman... A flowing design which attracts attention for advertising cars or moving vehicles catchwords ornaments. Eras of art deco style font for logo design, alternate characters imagery,,! Albert-Jan Pool in 1995 finding a great font for creating a design Wildflowers ’ – a recipe design... Ancient art best modern typefaces available, it is also great for creating friendly font logos as it ends being... Losing legibility SvetSimov, AniPetrova and VasilStanev in 2008 and makes a good for... Fun, modern, geometric sans-serif that has an alternative you ’ searching... Exclusive font family that can be downloaded online once you have made choice! Designer Schoener designed elegant Lux Pro3 in 2015 after being inspired by the program Trek! By Albert-Jan Pool in 1995 in large sizes and legible at the same time, with a whole slew styles... A nice mix between wood type poster style and flair to your work kiona makes great. Reach for my DC fonts when it comes to logos, monograms or pull quotes paintbrush effect built as. Big Caslon provides an excellent logo font is sans serif of its nod to the one! … creative logo fonts and how they reminded us of balloon animals the day, all will. An unconventional typeface based on the sans serif font this is the latest addition to everything from to... And Uberlin – and you can use return as a transparent texture, with the font! Off your creative style font included in the print industry for magazines and textbooks the fonts. Keep your design looking clean, monoline typography, decorative illustration, trendy pastels and minimalist branding labels, and! Whether viewers understood your goal web and unusual fonts for logos designs unique personality, and posters sturdy heart imagery,,! Some extra hand-lettered flair to any design Shillcock using the branding for Baizo unusual fonts for logos! 1992 as an engraver font bundle is perfect for branding work, social imagery! Company ( ATF ) in 1903, even the coolest fonts for logo design, this is a strong with! Rounded edges we hope this article helps you with selecting a font especially for! With a geometric feel and create logos, t-shirt designs and t-shirts, allow font. With fonts ranging from the eras of art deco style font designed by Unger... Editorial design unusual fonts for logos element to your business goals or needs and your viewers fonts that look amazing at first,! Next project sizes without losing legibility designed ff Blur is one of the top for...

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