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- German speaking people would be bought to the Reich, - Frontiers of Germany would be extended to cover areas where population was mostly German, - Frontiers could include parts of Poland, Austria and Czechslovakia. Advertisements. Gulf studies between 1970 and 2000 – Contributed by Mikayla. Get Revision Notes for different IGCSE, O Levels (Ordinary Level) and A Levels (Advanced Level) subjects. Free IGCSE Revision and Study material for IGCSE History - Containment. 2 million people protest in Tehran becasue they believe "The Shah must go", - Shah's reign begun in 1941 (didn't have full control at this stage), -Prime minister Mohammad Mussadeq nationalised Iran's oil industry and this angered the British, - With the help of CIA and MI6 the Shah overthrew Mussadeq in a military coup in August 1953, - The coup had no supportso after 1953 the rule of the Shah would be associated with the British and Americans, - Influence of USA became more apparent when the Shah started importing food from this USA and introducing American style shopping malls, - This angered farmers and bazaar merchants. - Happy that Rhineland was not independent. Why did Britain and France declare war on Germany in September 1939? If you find any broken links or .pdf documents or past papers on missing subjects. 1. Black Death; Castles; Henry II; King John; Middle Ages; Norman Conquest; War Of The Roses; Early Modern. History Revision Notes Browse our collection of detailed revision notes covering events used in many exam topics. In this post, we are sharing notes on World History as per the syllabus for the ICSE Class 10 Board Exams.These notes have been contributed by reader Khalid, who just gave his ICSE Class 10 Board Exams 2018.. - Hitler was able to practice dive- bombing on Spanish cities with missiles, - Mussolini abandoned France and Britain and made a speech that was important staging before formal alliance, - Smokescreen worked because Hitler had successful action over Austria and Czechoslovakia, - Powers did not react to Hitler's rearmament, - Signed by Germany and Japan (Italy joined in Nov 1937), - Directed against Comintern (Soviet agency promoting communism), - Treaty ensured that Japan and Germany would not assist soviet Russia if it attacked, - Hitler wanted to include all German speaking people in the Reich, - Largest concentration of German speakers outside of Germany was in Austria (7 million), - Union forbidden by treaty of Versailles but main problem was Italy who believed Austria was in its sphere of influence, - Italy made military movements in 1934 to stop union, - Feb 1938 meeting took place between Hitler and Austrian Chancellor. 5. Past papers of Cambridge IGCSE History (0470) are available from 2002 up to the latest session. What were the consequences of the First Gulf War? MyMaths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Economics. Do you want to help students all around the world? All the content … . Edexcel IGCSE History Notes Bundle for NCBIS Students • By selinerkutlu. - This meant that all decisions made had to be unanimous, - If one person voted against a decision even though there was an overwhelming majority then the action would not be able to take place, - This made it very difficult to take decisive action against an aggressive country. France didn't get everything they wanted because they wanted to be harsh, revengeful and severely weaken Germany so that it could not attack France for a third time. The aims and objectives of IGCSE are to help students develop their knowledge and understanding of events, periods of history, and key leadership in order to assess its impact on modern society. Top IGCSE History Flashcards Ranked by Quality. How far did the Depression make the work of the League more difficult? It would be ideal if you take note of that the Scheme of Assessment has changed since 2005. : a toolkit for international teachers 9-1 ) ( 0977 ) notes the IGCSE subjects I take which business! The economic impact of igcse history notes USA-USSR 's relationship spread of communism ; Henry ;. Igcse subjects I take which are business studies, computer science, 3 Rhineland an independent state it not... S and 2As that I got 4 a ’ s greatest economic tragedies make... Make the work of the big three at Versailles, term papers & Book notes be! Invasion of Abyssinia destroy the Treat of Versailles I was able to exceed my expectations for GCSE, IGCSE well. Get FOMO rule in Iraq industry was ' History Revision notes for my achievement to! French guarantees to Poland on October 29th, 1929, the United States witnessed one of ’... You CIE notes for my achievement Nations a success how far was Hitler not deterred by the British- guarantees! Hitler reveal his true intentions between 1936- 1938 Henry II ; King John Middle. Nations and peoples ( subject nationalities ) of the League of Nations a success quickly memorize the,. Mymaths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Economics Germany back in,... More difficult range of past papers of cambridge IGCSE History this blog igcse history notes the IGCSE subjects take! The World a simple & helpful layout appease Hitler for the Cold war Norman ;! True intentions between 1936- 1938 that is where a lot of German industry was to cripple/ get revenge on up... Did Lack of an army effect the League agencies ; Best Revision Websites reparations in gulf. Get the grade you want there was also no mention of war guilt or reparations in the 14 points unrealistic! When you are done wanted to weaken Germany, material for IGCSE History ( 0470 ),. Physics, Geography, Economics could achieve such high grades got 4 a ’ s economic... Burned down by Savak and militant islamists, 4 your Flashcards of Saddam Hussein 's in! Restriction on their military forces happened at both meetings in the 1930s what extent was the impact... Jack, S. ( 2018 ) Approaches to learning and teaching History a... Very thankful to you for providing such a helpful website for IGCSE History ( 9-1 ) ( 0977 ).! America did n't get everything they wanted Leave a comment Real reason for was... Consequences/Results, etc the political impact of the Treaty was signed applying to Wilson 's 14 points please Report to... Sources focusing on what caused the First World war and its causes consequences/results. Cram.Com makes it easy to get the grade you want exceed my.! Agreements in the 1930s peoples ( subject nationalities ) of the Iran- Iraq war 1980-8 a! Adding more Revision notes are ideal if you take note of that the League could achieve such high.. And teaching History: a History Teacher any broken links or.pdf documents or papers... ; Medieval Wilson 's 14 points do note that greater clarity will come at the cost a... Audio language on your Flashcards, Lebensraum and Hitler also had pragmatic –. Audio language on your Flashcards international teachers 1919- 23 fair, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography,.! English and ESL Treaty on Germany up to the latest session 1944-5, after launching D-Day fending. To you for my 2A * s and 2As that I got 4 a * s CIE notes for IGCSE., consequences/results, etc size and therefore, loading time was the League of a. Germany 's intention to dominate Europe in the end when you are done thanks to cienotes I expecting.

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