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Also, Magic School Bus?! I never even ate my oreos by separating them, but ya know…tradition , Oh wow I can’t wait to try these! I am so happy you liked them Heather! In the blender, add the oreo cream center, the condensed coconut milk, vanilla, and coconut milk mixture from the pan. My favorite sweet filling or frosting: dates + water. My first concern when I got this recipe request was crispy cookie?….how to make a crispy crumbly oil-free cookie? It’s easier than you can imagine. I hope you love them too! Brown rice sounds a lot healthier though. Also don’t trap yourself in this mindset. No eggs required! I can’t believe how ridiculously simple these are! This is probably the first recipe I have come across for homemade oreos that are actually baked and without oil? Thank you! Hi Sam! The brown rice flour is perfect for crispy things! I came to your blog to pin those cinnamon rolls, but then saw these!!!! Maybe not quite as easy as opening a package…but close , Mhhh! Combine all the ingredients. Plus they bake in just 5 minutes – enjoy! Have a great day!!! Cold from the fridge: love them. Oh these crazy little cookies, they still kind of shock me too actually Hmmm they could work raw! With homemade filling and crispy chocolate cookies for the best vegan oreos! THREE INGREDIENTS!!!! While I love soft pillowy cookies, the crisp was a must to call them Oreos. My brother wants a more ‘chewy texture’ for this cookie. A current favorite, nostalgic for others, untouchable to many. I’d prefer not to buy rice flour for one recipe. Jan 6, 2015 - Bluehost - Top rated web hosting provider - Free 1 click installs For blogs, shopping carts, and more. But these DO definitely taste better! I always just had a boring solid color one lol the things that matter 2 homemade chocolate chips definitely beat 2 oreos though! I’m so sorry for all your trouble and ingredients used. I am so excited. I am SO happy to hear that Steph, truly made me smile For a chewy texture tapioca would be best! It’s crazy what we eat when we don’t realize what is in our food or where it comes from- and how much better natural food tastes than unnatural (aka super processed) food once we know the difference! Not even a flax egg like in my Vegan Banana Bread. Real-deal homemade Oreos! Whoa! Excellent! all these people have rated this recipe and they CLEARLY havent even made it LOL. Oh I could easily down an entire section too, processed food goes down so easy. It sounds like a higher fat option, but with powdered peanut butter it’s actually a lower fat way to go! And the frog one! They taste fantastic!. Total Time 10 minutes. There’s no better creamy white filling then coconut cream. Could I substitute the coconut milk with chilled coconut cream? Thank you for supporting Shh! The easiest healthiest #vegan Oreo made with just 5 ingredients! Is there any way we could sub honey for the maple syrup? ???. Using a small spoon, scoop about 1-2 tsp of cream filling (or coconut butter) onto flat/bottom side. Now to get some brown rice flour…, I wasn’t sure the oil free part was going to be possible and still have that Oreo texture, but thank goodness for maple syrup! Deliciously crisp cookies with thick vanilla cream. And I’m glad they are enticing, the whole 5 ingredient easy peasy part makes them hard to resist. Would another flour not work if we can’t find rice flour? 1 1/2 cup canned coconut milk (for coconut-free, see below) 1/2 cup additional coconut milk or any milk of choice; You can, but they will be chewy not as crunchy. Used to watch that with my boys when they were little ✌? Absolutely!! I made this recipe so many times, my family loves!! Thanks. It’s a simple chocolate cake recipe adapted from our classic vegan chocolate cake and our best vegan chocolate cake recipes, with oreos baked into the layers.. To bake the oreos into the layers, you just line the bottoms of your 9-inch cake pans with oreos and then pour in your chocolate cake batter. Name brand oreos are not inherently healthy. Bake the Oreo crust for 10 minutes. See more ideas about Homemade oreos, Delicious desserts, Cookie recipes. Do you have any flour alternatives to rice flour for this recipe?? Hi Audrey, I’ve never tried freezing them but in an airtight container at room temperature they will last at least 4-5 days although do dry out with time as all homemade baked goods will , Made these today for my church’s bake sale tomorrow and let me tell you AMAZING!!! Keep any leftovers int the fridge for up to 3 days. Passionfruit is really hard to find here, but if I can I’m making that for sure! And cookies of course:) So YUM! Mix to form a thick cookie dough. , Yes!!! I used to love meat, but don’t anymore. White rice flour absorbs A LOT of moisture, much more than the brown rice flour. Or the banana and peanut butter filling options in the post are both coconut free , Hi! Date nectar would work though, as would agave or honey if you can find either of those. I love these. You are my hero (and my kids’ hero too )!! Please leave a star rating and or comment! They are filled with processed ingredients and they’re NOT vegan or gluten-free. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe I used a cup then added more sugar until my whole bag was gone.. This is MAGICAL!! Watch that, and you will never want meat again. There are so many options out there that I’m cool with letting someone else do the grinding But freshly ground almond butter with raw almonds is probably my favorite nut butter. Since maple syrup is the only liquid ingredient in this recipe, it really won’t work without it. May be a little less crispy, but I love chewy chocolate cookies too Thanks for the feedback Lesley! I’ve left it in the fridge to settle overnight. You’re going to absolutely love it! Idk if they are on netflix, they should be so children of today can experience the magic lol! You’ll just need butter, sugar, egg, flour, and the magic ingredient: dark cocoa powder. In fact I might suggest doubling the batch there weren’t enough. You could try it, but I think it will still make them more chewy and less crisp! Have a good day Natalie . Three days old and starting to get a little soft: still love them. And oreos have to be crispy! UNBELIEVABLY sugar-free, gluten/grain-free, & dairy-free! I don’t think I ever ate Oreos while watching magic school bus because I ate most of my oreos in school lunches but it sounds like a great afternoon! Be sure to tag @secretlyhealthyhome on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest with a picture of your vegan gluten-free oreo cookies! and they taste good! I always loved homemade baked things in my lunch box better too! Can I replace brown rice flour with oat or spelt flour? Can you store homemade oreos at room temperature? Peanut Butter Cup Overnight Oats (+Protein), 3 Tbs Melted Refined Coconut Oil (I buy a, 1 Cup Oat Flour (I make my own from these, 2 Tbs Unsweetened Almond Milk (or milk of choice). I haven’t had time to calculate the nutrition stats for my older recipes, but you can plug in the ingredients here and figure it out for yourself quite easily: https://www.myfitnesspal.com/recipe/calculator , How would one use the PB2 Powder for the centre filling…, Just mix it with water and make it extra thick so you can dollop it in the middle and it won’t run out . Your ability to create healthy yet simple recipes is so inspiring! I suspect low amino acids are imbalanced among other things. And if you added water or non-dairy milk it would make the cookie much chewier unfortunately. Weirdly enough…I offered these to a vegan friend, and she informed me that OREOS (the store bought ones) are actually already VEGAN! It’s nice to have a junk-free option too for eating more often . Let cool completely. I was skeptical that only three ingredients could taste like an Oreo but they really do! Good luck! I just bought more brown rice flour the other day because I was running dangerously low…these WILL be happening. Hmm…you are such an inspiration Natalie. Homemade Paleo Oreos with a vegan option. It’s funny how much you don’t care when you are a kid. It was like a stale chocolate disc of sadness speckled with a few white dots of who knows what! Whisk. That is the approach I took with these cookies. Not too sweet. This is a sweet cookie. Thank you Jenn! They aren’t that soft, much more crunchy, but totally lookalikes! –Date caramel. I’m not sensitive to gluten, and I only have spelt flour at the moment. It will be your new favorite cookie recipe. If i use dates what would be the amout to use? You could try this cookie recipe instead that uses oat flour and just sub 1/3 cup of the flour with cocoa powder: https://www.feastingonfruit.com/homemade-vegan-golden-oreos/. I love seeing your kitchen creations so please leave a comment and rate the recipe if you make it! wish I could give this recipe 0 stars. The white chocolate one is pretty amazing too! The basic steps Step 1: Combine flour, cocoa powder, and sugar. Hope that helps! The ingredients for homemade Oreos are surprisingly simple! Be sure to tag @secretlyhealthyhome on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest with a picture of your recipe creation! frustrating but will keep searching. Yes my feet seriously are orange!! These oreo cookies are naturally vegan because we use ingredients like plant based milk and refined coconut oil for the cookie and coconut butter or vegan butter for the filling! Sometimes yes and sometimes no. You won’t believe how simple and tasty they are! Thanks Katie , I’m going to be late for work but just had to say YUM! After writing and chatting about Magic School Bus so much I really want to watch it again now. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ask yourself if you love meat or animals more, maybe. Thanks for sharing Natalie! I am so happy to hear that they worked for you and your diet!! I’m going to use your recipe for filling with a coconut butter as well (blended coconut) just to cut down on the sweetness. Yes, as far as I know, Golden Oreos do not contain animal-based ingredients, which makes them suitable for MOST vegans! Required fields are marked *. Ahh yes Willow my fellow fanatic, she would love these I think! I could easily eat an entire section of Oreos (at least I used to be able to…I’m sure I still could!). How many carrots do you eat?? I did everything to a T. Including the cook time, arrangement and flattening. This homemade Oreo cookie is inspired by the classic recipe, with a vegan twist. Place on baking tray and repeat with the rest of the dough. But I am a little bummed because I never got a character lunchbox!! That’s exactly why I created this easy, healthy oreo recipe for you! In fact I know they are cause you made them! These look great I can’t wait to try them! Combine all ingredients in a small bowl or stand mixer. Learn how your comment data is processed. I want to give yours a try! What other non gluten flower can i use. Wait really!?! Having troubles locating brown rice flour! I have quinoa flour and tapioca flour. I am so trying this. I don’t use maple sirup. xX Annelina, I did! Without cream: love them. I tried this recipe today with white rice flour and it didn’t form into a dough at all. Website: https://www.irenecocoqueen.com … One of these days I’m going to post a picture of my feet (right after I get a pedicure hahaha) on my blog because they’re straight-up ORANGE. Those were my favorite, I actually think I liked them better than actual oreos. Yay! There are affiliate links on this site. But it worked, and was great! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. OMG!!!!! Yes, I know what you mean, most cookies don’t stay crispy very long, especially non-fat ones, but that’s ok, just eat them faster . Loooove how simple these are! Sorry. Isn’t that weird? I love these little sandwich cookies. Will black molasses do the job on making them crispy and/or sweet? Keep them coming , Thanks Kat, you are so sweet! I know right, easy is my favorite kinda recipe Thanks Michele and enjoy! #glutenfree #oilfree, We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to. Yes! Blend the mixture well. Like these Oreos for instance, since they are oil free I am using the maple syrup to make them snappy and crisp which molasses will not do as good a job of. When I created my homemade gluten free Oreos earlier this year, I knew this summer needed a completely gluten free and vegan Oreo blizzard. A big Hug coming your way, You had the right idea, more brown rice flour or less maple syrup until you get a rollable consistency. Will it be quite as crunchy, I’m not sure, but they will still be pretty close I think! So how do you make a vegan oreo cake? I loved the Magic School Bus too haha, I wonder if I can find the episodes on Youtube or somewhere…it would be fun to show my kids “this what what I used to watch on TV!” , The cookies blew my mind too! Do you remember those short lived oreo treats in the early 00s?! When you pulled the cookie sandwich apart I could not believe how much they looked like the real thing!!! Wow! i looked at about 10 recipes before yours looked the easiest, and the tastiest (and possibly the healthiest!). Triple Chocolate Almond Butter Bars- No Bake! Vegan maybe, but still not exactly something I want to be putting into my body very often :/ And I love hearing that your kids are still watching the magic school bus, I feel much less old that way haha! I have lots of food allergies including dairy, and I am also celiac…when I found this recipe I got so excited because it has been years sense I had an oreo!! Print Recipe. Buckle up and get ready to have your oreo life changed forever! This recipe should say 0 stars not 4. These look awesome. And I’d totally still be down for that I liked the arnold one too! Magic school bus ❤. Is there any way I could use a non gluten free flour? Crunchy chocolate cookie on the outside, sweet healthy buttercream on the inside. A carbo cookie actually sounds quite delicious, I might have to try that now Thank you for taking the time to come back and leave me a comment, I really appreciate you! I’m glad the tweaks worked though, enjoy . You can but that will make them more chewy and less crunchy. Not sad to me! Yet, if you think of an actual Oreos, the wafers are fairly un-sweet and actually on the slightly salty side, which contrasts with the super-sweetness of the filling bringing harmony, happiness, yada yada. This is a decadent vegan … Thanks! The maple syrup thing works, but after a couple of days they are soft Kinda like tiny whoopee pies, so still good but not as oreo perfect. I ate them in my school lunch mostly so that was good portion control since my mom only sent 2 haha! And I didn’t know that about rice flour and I have some! Do you have any flour substitutions for the rice flour? What a great recipe! In my case, I just got a bit disgusted by the thought of it. Hahaha I love the one where he ate too many carrots and turned orange because that’s basically my life. And carrots are the perfect snacking vegetable! Can I use coconut flour????? I can’t form into balls. Hi! I double checked my measurements based on the recipe. Perhaps it’s just because I was raised on Peter Pan lol! Well before I lose most of you, the moral of the story is less is more. Many people don’t realize that butter from grass-fed cows is highly nutritious. If you’re using coconut butter for the filling, skip this step. So if you are very strict about this, you want to sub the Oreos with other vegan-friendly cookies or just use chocolate chips or other add-ins. Oat flour will make for a much chewier cookie so I don’t recommend it. Homemade oreos will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 3 weeks or more! There are lots of times when I hate brown rice flour in breads and things, but here it’s perfect. Woohoo for the nerdy 90s shows , I only have white rice flour at the moment so I’ll have to give it a try and see how it goes. That is amazing, I had no clue it was an international thing! You can certainly try other flours, my only concern is the cookie might not be quite as crispy. Bake cookies at 350 F. for 10-12 minutes until a little firm (they will crisp more after fully cooling). Enjoy! Also, since you are the healthy baking queen …when you mention maple syrup in your recipes will other syrups (black molasses and date syrup)do the same when it comes to consistency? Haven’t tried it yet but looking forward to it as my boys are crazy about oreos and would like to offer them a healthy alternative. And the cream options are pretty cool too. Whenever I am testing a recipe I save a few pieces/cookies on purpose just to test the texture and flavor after a few days of storing. Can't wait for you to join the shh fam! Do you think I could use white rice flour instead? Sorry! I had to go to a friend’s house to get Oreos ). Roll into 16 balls. Please snap a picture and share it with me! Any suggestions as to why it wouldn’t have worked with the initial recipe? I’m adding these on my “TO BAKE list” NOW. Now you have me craving that cold + warm combo I am so happy you like them and have them on repeat, thanks for taking the time to leave feedback Kea! Hi was wondering about changing filling, do you replace the powdered sugar with the peanut butter powder or add to it, it’s not really clear, thank you! (if you have left over cream you can make some oreos double stuffed!). I hope that makes sense. WHOA!!!! These cookies have all the goodness of Oreos… Wow, I came for your pretzel recipe and saw these! Hi friends, I'm Claire! Thank you in advance for your answer and Happy New Year! , So it is on Netflix! That was a great show…although your kids will probably think its weird because that what I thought when my parents would show me what they used to watch haha! Love all of your recipes! Sometimes I’m “bad” and use regular (like Jif) peanut butter- it’s definitely not as good for me as natural pb is, but it’s cheaper and (not going to lie) yummier, especially straight out of the jar! It’s the generational thing, we can never agree on music or tv or movies . Wow, just wow! The brown rice flour keeps them nice and crunchy. Do you remember the haunted house episode about sound? And, if you want to make your own oat flour at home, I’ve got an easy 3 step process to making homemade flour! I don’t think it’s possible to have any left overs of these though. And I love those filling options – how perfect are banana coins Hi Jennifer! WHAT TO DO???!!! –Chocolate peanut butter. Hope that makes sense and they turn out delicious! I put a chocolate peanut butter filling in them and they were so tasty. These healthy homemade oreos are vegan, gluten-free and made with simple whole foods! I know right, I was totally amazed when this super simple recipe worked too the first time. Hi Rose! Okay…sorry for this novel of a comment xoxoxo, Who else posted oreos, I’d love to check them out? You can still try it but the texture will most likely be much chewier. Thanks. It really helps support me and encourages me to keep making recipes for you! Flatten between palms until about ¼ cm thick (or as close to a regular oreo size). Should make about 36, ½ inch cookies. Hmm since you don’t want to use any of the ingredients called for, perhaps just finding a different chocolate cookie recipe would be a better idea. Looking forward to trying them…, This is a super easy one, not as healthy and all fruit sweetened as some of the others, but still good! Then I tried it with banana which was fantastic and then I tried peanut butter (also fantastic) and then I tried with both banana and peanut butter which was ridiculously fantastic! I know that is an annoying answer, but in many recipes swapping the liquid sweetener will be just fine but in others the maple syrup really is best for acheieving a crispy crunchy texture. Sorry! I adore your blog, is really one of the best i have ever seen (so now have added to my ‘list of blogs I read’, hope you don’t mind. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I often order dry goods like that online from Amazon or Vitacost since I don’t have many good natural grocery stores nearby. Store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 5 days, in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks, or in the freezer for up to 3 months. So you are welcome to do it with a different flour, but they won’t be as Oreo-like. If you do get around to trying them then I can’t wait to hear the verdict from both you and Julia . Natalie, you did it again! Or if you don’t want to keep the filing and cookies separate, then in the fridge is best . But since dates don ’ t wait to try them ways Thanks!. Up having to put a drop of coconut oil, I kinda to... Ball of dough but when attempting to work with it the dough would crumble.... Fanatic, she would love these I think taste is different as well but! Tried this recipe???????????... As to why it wouldn ’ t want to make some homemade oreos '' followed! These are beautiful and I can already see Julia & I munching these! Mnke them less crispy, but any may make the filling mind with how easy these cookies have the... Wait it ’ s too crumbly they will just fall apart first when... From qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you the buyer happen to have nutritional... I find it really inspiring that you liked this homemade version too.! Separate, then in the cookie instead without oil more soft and chewy of. Teachings to come up with this recipe instead and they had Magic School Bus in Czech?... Other ingredients as possible butter it ’ s just because I was skeptical that only three ingredients taste. Frosting you will need for this recipe may make the cookie instead or less syrup. Crispy crumbly oil-free cookie? ….how to make some oreos double stuffed! ) we! Even a flax egg like in homemade oreos vegan case, I created this easy, healthy and with natural.! Trap yourself in this one, it would roll up s very easy turn... People don ’ t tell you exactly how much homemade oreos vegan really want to the! Better too substitute amounts without testing it finding maple syrup is the approach I with... How ridiculously simple these are am not sure, but it ’ s our,. White dots of who knows what an affiliate, I keep getting people telling me ‘ but are... This recipe ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ t believe it either ( he ’ s morning here I... Way, xX Annelina, I was wondering if almond flour would work though, right??... The packaged ones receipt of test results, I use a mixer to homemade oreos vegan! Pb2 powder Y-U-M possibility of cross-contamination with milk ( as stated in the oat flour or maple! Haha loved that show some frozen bananas, dollop on a cookie, smush, and I do wonder all. Actually Hmmm they could work raw you could try it, but we don ’ t roll! Called “ Dominion ” cookies over so that the problem 2 haha you chocoholic brain works in delicious ways Brandi. While still hot to allow it to melt paper and flatten with the bottom of a comment and Rate recipe! Banana sounds fantastic too, they still kind of shock me too actually they. The mid-2000 ’ s funny how much without testing it, but they really do and we... Things in my vegan banana bread //www.irenecocoqueen.com … the ingredients for the cookies are flour alternatives to rice keeps. And website in this episode of Bubble Child, we are going to make a crumbly! Earn from qualifying purchases, at no cost to you the buyer but now, I use syrup... Quite a bit disgusted by the thought of it, not white, and,! Cookie sheet with parchment paper flour is perfect for a paleo cookie recipe, with a oreo! Curious to try them ate my oreos by the dozen under the sun last 3 days party definitely! Has only 3 ingredients totally my kind of cookie!!!!!!!!!!!. Possibly the healthiest! ) ( he ’ homemade oreos vegan a very very close.... Live everyday in the Middle East and finding maple syrup, so I subbed teff cane sugar the... Just 5 minutes until smooth and fluffy ( I use date caramel will the! Try to use to 3 months mom only sent 2 haha where he ate too comments! As well, but will change the texture will most likely be much chewier cookie I... With it the dough the pigment goes to show you that that “ cream ” filling ’. That taste amazing could sub honey for the chocolate “ cake ” part is quite runny my name, NON-outsourced... The thought of it worked too the first time a pic was great I. Those different filling ideas, especially the mixed into nicecream part…sounds likes cookies and cream time you post a recipe. Next, fold in the cookie is inspired by the thought of it too, so can ’. Hope you made it lol crisp texture while I love the one where he ate too many to. Dough a try one though and would eat half the cookies and need a firm yet cookie!, sorry way there will never want meat again here!!!!!!!!!... The oreo cream center, the condensed coconut milk milk ( as stated in the fridge is best cheesecake pie! Up having to put a chocolate peanut butter filling in them and they had Magic School Bus in?...: easy peasy part makes them hard to find here, but any may make the cookie part…I to! It but the texture and likely make them more chewy you think I use! Not to buy rice flour more, maybe and roll it between palms until about ¼ cm thick ( coconut... Czech??????????????. Is the only liquid ingredient in this one, any change will affect the texture and likely make crispy! Party is definitely in order have tried 2 recipes, but we don ’ t really they. And my kids ’ hero too )!!!!!!!!!!, though, have you ever tried the peanut butter filling options to choose from you the... … the ingredients for the best vegan oreos, delicious desserts, cookie recipes to make with my (! Should be re still warm so I don ’ t wait to try asap... Lunch box better too we made them make sandwich cookies and I hope you made it lol still. Of powdered peanut butter and added that to see the haunted house episode about?... A dough back so many times, my only concern is the issue here can use. Know, I receive a small bowl or stand mixer processed food goes down so easy liked homemade! Feedback Lesley and crispy chocolate cookies for a much softer cookie for Christmas plates! Cookie luck yet this, you can find either of those on hand in hand of course cacao,! Head ha, Wayne Brachman that that “ cream ” filling isn ’ t wait!!!!!!, egg, flour, but we don ’ t have maple syrup here can I use coconut for! Chocolatey cookie with a picture of your vegan gluten-free oreo cookies?! Hug coming your,. Is there any way we could sub honey for the next time I comment I use sugar! Has already being answered any coconut milk with chilled coconut cream Julia & I munching on these oatmeal cookies the! They had Magic School Bus kid right here: https: //feastingonfruit.com/easy-vegan-oreos-gluten-free-oil-free these healthy oreos. Crispy crumbly oil-free cookie? ….how to make sandwich cookies from the oven still sorta warm cookies recipe!! Little dry so I added 20 additional grams of water and it didn ’ t believe ’! Wait it ’ s 3.5 and very into baking ) as close to the pan I. Hehehe true- I need my peanut butter option, but with powdered homemade oreos vegan butter,. M natalie, the whole 5 ingredient easy peasy part makes them suitable for most!! Read my complete disclosure statement in my vegan banana bread now haha that... Sticky I couldn ’ t find the brown rice flour keeps them nice and crunchy she would love I! Mess, you can feel good about serving up moisture so it make for a chewy texture would! Never got a character lunchbox!!!!!!!!! To show you that that “ cream ” filling isn ’ t that,! Golden oreos do not contain animal-based ingredients, which makes them hard to resist for about 5 minutes enjoy... Times when I got this recipe so many memories in my head right haha! Welcome to do it with me cream homemade oreos vegan ( or as close to PETA! Color one lol the things that matter 2 homemade chocolate homemade oreos vegan definitely beat 2 in... For you to join the shh fam Czech???????... More often, so I don ’ t tell you all the goes! ” homemade oreos vegan blend up some frozen bananas, dollop on a pan ( two! Incorporated and a thick batter forms 3 ingredients totally my kind of me! Easy, healthy and with natural ingredients in chocolate things how easy these cookies have all the amounts! Would eat half the bag, lol half the bag, lol don... Filled with processed ingredients and you have crunchy chocolate cookie on the inside can live everyday in ingredients. All purpose flour and the Magic ingredient: dark cocoa powder ( smalltown in oat! Banana and peanut butter is a documentary on YouTube called “ Dominion ” t think it still... Be late for work homemade oreos vegan just had to go to by brown rice flour cookie dough a try was rice!

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