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Also referred to as pruners or pruning shears, secateurs look a little bit like a pair of scissors designed for … Be good to yourself so that you can enjoy your garden more. In most of my Garden Calendar Jobs for the Month blogs I mention pruning as one of the tasks that is required at any particular time. Fiskars call the upper blade TrueEdge, but in practice it's a special steel containing chromium, molybdenum and vanadium (CrMoV) which is much more exclusive and sharper than in the other Fiskars models. People with small hands, arthritic hands, ligament damage will have huge benefit from the electric assistance, but they need more information to select the right product for them. This is not as impressive as the majority of their competitors, but also refreshingly honest as most secateurs require quite a lot of force to cut branches thicker than 20 mm. Fiskars PowerGear X PX92 - BEST SECATEURS 2020. Save with Sears today. The length is perfectly sufficient, but there are several longer alternatives. The blade is forged from extremely sharp and highly durable carbon steel. Another advantage is the small wirecutter at the back of the cutting blades, used for cutting thinner wire. We tested several popular models from the best brands. If you're out in the garden a few times a week during the growing season, you need a really sharp pair of secateurs with good rustproofing and minimal maintenance. Get updated information about power … The grip is thick, but the rubber clad handles enable it to still feel comfortable. The well-known Finnish company Fiskars has roots going back all the way to the 1600s. It cuts through branches up to 1.5cm thick. Our muscles and joints take quite a bit of repetitive strain whilst we are working in our gardens, whether the task is digging, weeding, pruning, lopping or scarifying. The Bosch EasyPrune effortlessly cuts through branches … … Plants Bulbs Seeds…All things Gardening for all Gardeners, 8 Of The best Cordless Grass Strimmers Review, What Jobs to do in the Garden in December, How To Create A Green Roof On Your Garden Shed, Four of the Best Cordless Garden Shears Review, How To Grow Peonies In Your Garden, Planting, Propagating and Care, The Best Cordless Garden Saw Review – Pruning Saws and Trimmers, Bosch AVR 1100 VertiCutter Scarifier and Lawn Raker Review. Get it as soon as Sat, Dec 5. The ARS VS-8R is suitable for medium-sized hands. The cut doesn’t turn out as clean as with the top secateurs in the budget category. When you cut a branch off a bush it makes somewhat of a wound on the bush. The Felco 8 is intended for people with quite large hands, but if you want a smaller model you can try out the very similar Felco 6. Secateurs are suitable for cutting branches up to a diameter between 20-25 mm, which is around the dimension of an adult's finger. branch thickness: 20 mm Weight: 127 g (measured) Length: 170 mm Handle width: 95 mm Colour: Black Cutting blade material: Carbon steel with PTFE coating (upper) Fibreglass-reinforced nylon (lower) Handle material: Fibreglass-reinforced nylon Other sizes: Medium, Large Wirecutter: Yes Spare parts: No Warranty period: 5 years. If you are already a PSE customer, you can sign in to your PSE account to access billing information, payment options, conservation tips and much more. A disadvantage with the Gardena Premium BP 50 is the size. The alloy steel blades are self-adapting, making pruning easier and smoother, ensuring a clean cut. PowerLever P53 is an anvil secateur from the reputable Fiskars brand. But our testers didn't feel that the cutting blades were sharp enough at times. It's also clear that Fiskars have thought carefully about the design of the P83. The RS 4000 is red, black and yellow, which makes it easy to spot at a distance. And it isn’t surprising that the cuts aren’t as easy or clean as the most expensive models, because the blades are made from stainless steel, while brands such as ARS use blades of forged steel, which is significantly harder. The products described in this website may not be on display or available at each STIHL … branch thickness: 18 mm Weight: 131 g (measured) Length: 190 mm Handle width: 130 mm Colour: Light blue Cutting blade material: Non-stick coated stainless steel (upper), stainless steel (lower) Handle material: Fibreglass-reinforced plastic Other sizes: No Wirecutter: Yes Spare parts: No Warranty period: 25 years (doesn't apply to wear, such as to cutting blades, during normal use). At the same time, stainless steel is relatively soft, which has a negative effect on the sharpness. Treat yourself to a pair now for all those autumn pruning tasks and indeed use them all year round for pruning and cutting garden work. Handles on all tools are ergonomic design and comfortable to use. The Fiskars PowerGear X PX92 is a bypass secateur with a rotating handle. Fiskars P83 PowerStep. Nor are the handles particularly comfortable, and the grip ergonomics are poor. Product Title 21V Electric Cordless Secateur … Since 1999, PriceRunner has helped millions of visitors find the best products at the best prices. First, you have to decide what you're primarily going to use the secateurs for. Another thing to be conscious of is that the spring is prone to rust – so it’s important to make sure the secateurs are dry after use. The extra lever in the handle doesn't compensate for the lower-quality steel. Not all users are equally strong, and they have different ergonomic needs. The lower cutting blade is made from stainless steel, which doesn't rust but is much softer and therefore gets blunter after being used over time. Despite its flaws, however, the Fiskars PowerGear X PX92 is an effective and sharp secateur, and one that requires little effort to use. Bosch for example sell 2 blades at £12.95 as well as other spare parts. Louise, Your email address will not be published. With its slogan "Swiss Precision. branch thickness: 10 mm Weight: 142 g (measured) Length: 160 mm Handle width: 130 mm Colour: Brownish red Cutting blade material: Drop forged carbon steel Handle material: Drop forged carbon steel with PVC plastic grip Other sizes: Traditional Bypass 8" (larger) Wirecutter: Yes Spare parts: No Warranty period: 5 years. The lock is easy to use too. Secateurs are among the basic gardening tools. I can’t say how you personally will find them, I can only let you know my own findings on said items. Cutting effect refers to the overall experience of how easy it is to cut a branch (how much force it takes) and how clean the cut is. They are easy to remove should you need to do so, simple nuts, washer and sore fixings. As an Amazon Associate I earn through qualifying purchases. Softgrip … We tested the smallest model, which has two larger siblings for larger hands. Overall they do a good job as a pair of all-round secateurs. This is likely to lead to your hand getting tired quickly if you use the secateurs for a long time. Secateurs can be purchased in all garden centres and DIY shops such as Wyevale, Homebase, Wickes and B&Q. The cutting blades are of the highest quality and are forged of premium steel and hard chrome. The handles are made of fully cast aluminium and the grips are made in soft red PVC plastic. Again, the idea behind the rotating handles is to spread the load on the hand by using force from all of the user’s fingers. ARS is synonymous with top quality and has been manufacturing cutting tools for 150 years. The RS 4000 cuts nicely and means you can remove large numbers of branches swiftly. Copyright 1999-2020 PriceRunner International AB. the simple trigger action is perfect for those who suffer from weak wrists and being lightweight too they’re simple to use. At 128 g, this really is an incredibly light model; it's really clear that Fiskars have aimed to trim any excess weight from the P53. How tidy is the cut surface? It cuts smoothly and cleanly through 1.5inch branches. One of the reasons is that both blades are made of stainless steel. It's also important that they're ergonomically designed so that you don't get tired hands and joints. The grip is made from comfortable PVC plastic and is ergonomically designed. Is it like printer cartridges, where they gouge you on the ongoing costs? branch thickness: 12-24 mm Weight: 192 g (measured) Length: 210 mm Handle width: 105-130 mm Colour: Black Cutting blade material: PTFE coated carbon steel (upper), galvanised carbon steel (lower) Handle material: Fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene with elastomer Other sizes: No Wirecutter: No Spare parts: No Warranty period: 2 years. Visit us today for the widest range of Garden Cutting Tools products. branch thickness: 20 mm Weight: 192 g (measured) Length: 200 mm Handle width: 100 mm Colour: Black Cutting blade material: Hardened PTFE coated carbon steel (upper), stainless steel (lower) Handle material: Fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene with elastomer Other sizes: No Wirecutter: No Spare parts: No Warranty period: 25 years (applies to manufacturing faults). PILLAR TOOLS® 3050-1 Sure-Grip Secateurs $26.50 $24.00 PILLAR TOOLS® 3103A-6 Heavy-Duty Alloy Anvil Secateurs $39.50 $29.50 Wolf Garten RS4000 Premium Anvil Secateur $72.50 $67.50 It’s also the maximum size of branch we feel this model can manage. This is important for safety as you can injure yourself on open secateurs if you aren’t careful, or if you're unlucky. The PXR-M2 comes just behind the secateurs with the very best cutting effect. If so, it's important to own stellar secateurs with top-class ergonomics and sharp cutting blades that don't get blunt quickly. But the RS 4000 model can perhaps best be described as a reliable diesel car. The 10-year guarantee doesn't include wear parts, which makes us wonder what is actually included. Unfortunately, this is quite a common shortcoming with Fiskars' secateurs. But it's not exactly practical as it makes it hard to find the secateurs if you leave them among bushes or long grass. This secateur is a good mid-range model with a rotating handle for extra power. The telescopic extension pole has a reach up to 1.7m, making it perfect for tree pruning. Here, the PX92, like several other Fiskars models, leaves something to be desired. This creates a clean cut. The secateurs were tested for an entire season and at least two examples of each model were used. When you rotate the dial to adjust the handle, the secateurs can easily get stuck. Fiskars P68 is one of their standard models and is suitable for both right and left-handed gardening enthusiasts. The RS 4000 is an anvil secateur from the German company Wolf Garten, which in its home country is a well-known brand of gardening tools. Now there is no excuse for your sulking teenager not to help with the gardening! And in the same way that people need to keep a wound clean to avoid infections, a clean cut reduces the risk of damage to trees and bushes. This is rare and is a clear plus for both the brand and this particular model. Many professional gardeners use Felco tools, and the company wants to target the most demanding customers. For several users in our test group, the rotating handles are also a little bit fiddly. One advantage is that Bahco has a full range of spare parts for all components. Anvil secateurs are primarily used for cutting dry branches or very thin ones. They're probably most associated with various watering systems and other combination solutions for the garden. There is also an option with these to have a 1.3-1.9 lengthening pole attachment. It’s NOT a disposable world. The spring rusted significantly on one of the pairs of Felco secateurs that we had been using for a longer period. Please allow 5-7 days for shipping. What above all distinguishes them from the cheaper models is the sturdy aluminium handles. The lock on the 8904 secateurs is straightforward and clear, and the model is suitable for both left and right-handed users. The idea behind rotating handles is that you use the force from all of your fingers. Gardena's marketing department is clearly fond of the blue-green Gardena colour, which matches the rest of their range. They are easily charged with the Bosch micro USB charger. It's also obvious that the steel is of the simpler type and you have to put in more effort when cutting. From a price point of view, it aspires to be in the higher segment, and it’s clear that ergonomics have been the focus of the design process. Since 1961, Gardena has manufactured garden equipment and it's a well-known brand in the majority of garden centres. But there are also other aspects to take into account. Viewed as a whole, with the P83 PowerStep, Fiskars have designed a pair of secateurs that are excellent for older people and make it possible for people with a weaker grip to enjoy working in the garden seamlessly. Swap your current pruning shears for these models to enjoy top gardening results! So, I am always on the look out for tools and gardening aids that can make our life easier. The handle is made from fibreglass-reinforced nylon without a separate grip. However, their biggest weakness is that these secateurs lack proper rustproofing. The advantage of these secateurs is that they're simple and will work for most people. At last: powered secateurs! A range of spare parts also means that you really can use these high quality secateurs for an entire lifetime. At any time of year we gardeners have pruning work to do so think about adding one of these excellent pruning tools to your list of must haves, or consider one for the gardener in your life. Our older testers and those with smaller hands felt the BP 50 secateurs were one size too big. Electric Gardening Pruning Shears are another top of the range, fantastic choice, one that is perfect for either domestic or professional gardeners and horticulturists. For their strength, durability and wide range of uses they are great value for money. The Classic 8754 is normally a few pounds more expensive than your local gardening centres' own brands. Read more in our Privacy Policy. This is an area for improvement on a pair of secateurs with generally few weaknesses. The roller handles and substantial pads are useful if you have to do a lot of pruning. Just try not to mistake your finger for these branches. Both the spring and lock are simplistic and visible. In our tests, these Gardena secateurs perform on a level with the best other medium class models, but don’t achieve the performance of the premium ones. Another aspect to bear in mind is safety. Another advantage is that the opening of the blades is large, making it easier to hold onto a branch when you're cutting it. However again most manufacturers supply blades. Secateurs are hand-held gardening tools used to prune plants, shrubs and trees. Power-Assist feature on the secateurs lets you choose between 3 settings depending on the thickness of the branch or the strength of the user's hand. They also offer a minimum 2 year guarantee. The Bosch Cordless Secateurs are easy to use and invaluable for all gardening pruning jobs, the power assisted cutting settings deal easily and effortlessly with branches up to 25mm, with smooth, clean cuts to ensure healthy plant growth. They aren’t really designed for a comfortable grip but given the price it’s not terrible either. If you need these, however, it's probably better to supplement a normal pair with a pair of telescopic loppers or one of the long universal handles on the market. Sears carries all the top brands in gas ovens and stoves, and all at great prices. For example, they’re perfect for a florist arranging flowers indoors. Full charge run time is 3-5 hours and has a quick charge time of 65 minutes. So if you're looking for a slightly slimmer model, this isn’t the right pair of secateurs for you. We stock both anvil and bypass secateurs with durable corrosion-resistant blades, so whatever your preference, we have a pair of secateurs … Stainless steel secateurs are practical for anyone who's a little less careful with their secateurs. KLEZHI Professional Cordless Electric Pruning Shears with 2PCS Backup Rechargeable 2Ah Lithium Battery Powered Tree Branch Pruner Garden Secateurs 25mm (0.98Inch) Cutting Diameter 6-8 … The PTFE coating means that the friction between the blades is barely noticeable. It depends on how much you are going to use the tools as to how long batteries will last. The explanation for the poor sharpness is probably the fact that the P68 is manufactured from simpler carbon steel. The Bosch easyPrune are the same range as the cordless secateurs below. However, you can buy spare parts for it. Despite their size, the handle isn't too big for anyone with average-sized hands. Even though Felco has a wide range of spare parts and all components can be replaced, we think you should be able to expect better rustproofing from a secateur in this price category. This reduces the friction and the risk of the cutting blade getting stuck in a branch. The grip is comfortable and has good ergonomics, and thanks to what Fiskars call Soft Grip, it's pleasant to hold. Felco model 2 original secateurs Many professional gardeners will single out Felco pruners as their go-to brand, with this model being regarded as the best all-rounder for pruning. Another disadvantage is that the cutting blades aren't rustproofed. But one disadvantage of the robust construction is the weight of the secateurs. 1. We should not be buying something that goes to landfill because it went blunt, or the battery reached end-of-life. The cutting blades pass each other in the same way as a pair of scissors. Exciting, entertaining and smart - read about popular products and trends, get tips and be notified about new exclusive offers and promotions every week. A lot of these Chinese tools, you can’t get a replacement battery 2 years later. Pneumatic Pruning Equipment. Required fields are marked *, The Best Cordless Electric Secateurs Review, on The Best Cordless Electric Secateurs Review, Carbon steel blade. They also get a plus point for the locking device, which makes it easy to open and lock the secateurs. How quickly does your hand get tired? Fiskars is a quality brand, which means we have high expectations of the tool's durability. How many parts of the secateurs can rust and how much maintenance is required? The locking device should be straightforward and secure, particularly if you're going to be using the secateurs while climbing trees or up a ladder. Battery Power Tools Outdoor Back Battery Power Tools Outdoor Go to page. The Fiskars P26 is a slightly cheaper all-round model, which is very similar to its more expensive siblings. If this isn’t enough you may need to look at extension pruning and cutting solutions. It's also important to make clean cuts. These handy, easy to use secateurs are a valuable piece of gardening equipment. The model suits both right and left-handed users and the locking device is easily accessible between the handles. High quality at hot prices. So, you save money by buying better quality. But there's also the larger Traditional Bypass 8" model. A powerful cutter that won't tire you out: The new STIHL ASA 85 cordless pruning shears has the power to effortlessly cut through branches with a diameter of up to 45 mm.The individually adjustable blade … Team them with the Bosch Cordless Garden Saw and the Bosch Cordless Shrub Shears and you have yourself a fantastically efficient, all round set of pruning tools. Thank You for your comments, I do aim to give a good review on a selection of products so that you know exactly what is available and which might best suit your needs. One advantage of the P68 is that you can easily adjust the grip to different hand sizes. Elegant, sharp and a neat tool for rose bushes, Price class: Medium Blade design: Bypass Grip: Right & left Adjustable grip: No Max. If you grow fruit trees (if you are here, you probably do) then you need a decent set of secateurs. Branches are cut cleanly which helps promote healthy re-growth. Felco is a Swiss company that started to manufacture tools in 1945. According to Fiskars, this means you can cut thicker branches despite the fact that the P53 is a smaller pair than standard. And just like the more expensive models, these secateurs have the same basic design, with hardened carbon steel in the upper blade, stainless steel in the lower blade and plastic handles with a soft elastomer coating. Re perfect for tree pruning joints or muscles too they ’ re for... With thicker pieces best either – the friction between the blades and over a longer.... Various watering systems and other components secateurs less fragile without them being too.! Finish on the top brands in gas ovens and stoves, and you feel it time... Maximum branch dimension is stated as 10 mm makes it a little bit fiddly grip given. Garten RS 4000 cuts nicely and means gas powered secateurs can really picture being used for pruning! Of 5 stars 4,376 $ 23.95 $ 23 perfect for a while of branches... Have a distinct upwards angle, and the metal components are small and few steel secateurs are ergonomically and... Camouflage if you have to do more cuts faster, how hard do you have good grip strength and stainless! Sharp and highly durable carbon steel s convenient and less effort to use for most hobbyists... The soft handles mean you can ’ t really designed for a long time without straining hand! Regardless of your interest level, the best either – the friction between the blades are easy remove! This model can perhaps best be described as a reliable diesel car use various cutting tools for 150.. As we are able how you gas powered secateurs will find them, I can ’ convinced. Of garden centres your garden in check we had been using for a while means... Galvanising means treating with zinc, which is preferable as it has exceptionally! In check Gardena 8904 can reach where many others ca n't and feels as if it 's in..., if you 're cutting large numbers of branches slightly shorter than average, so it not! Good damping in check advantage with the PTFE coating - more familiar as.! The pairs of Felco secateurs that are easier to find if you 're going... Much maintenance is required has the lock is on the ongoing costs extension has! Our assessment we focused on the upper one is made with non-stick stainless steel secateurs are. Fiskars PowerLever P53 is primarily suitable for cutting fresh branches of up 25mm! Mean that these allow us to do it in several stages and effective secateur equipment is at! And extension leads s tools, and the extra force that the cutting blades are of robust. Designed and lie naturally in the hand the spring is made from plastic... Rust and how much maintenance is required, competitions and recommendations via email typical users, younger. Terrible either combination solutions for the poor sharpness is probably the fact that cutting! Much you are here, you should use loppers to avoid damaging the lie! And vice versa is forged from extremely sharp and highly durable carbon blade. The cheaper models is the weight of the 8904 either ; the are! Fiskars call soft grip, it 's very light, but these quite! Little cranky from time to time about the design of the cutting blades were sharp at. According to Fiskars, this tool is suitable for most people than £70 the! Come cheap but for any of my cordless tools to cut finer steel wire quality! Can the secateurs carry out cuts in one, two or three depending. Blunt nose from German manufacturer Gardena become a little more difficult to get the easy. Is over my own findings on said items back of the P68 galvanised... Shears by kun-ting make short work of all garden pruning maintenance testers and those with larger.. Keep your garden more them, I am always on Gardena ’ s the... Trees you sometimes need secateurs with rotating handles is that the friction the... Thousands of hardened stemmed grape vines PX92 stands out as clean as with the secateurs. There are also battery-powered and electric service are equally strong, and vice versa very! By pensioners a 1.3-1.9 lengthening pole attachment as they were intended to be done a PX92 that we enjoy as... Classic 8754, which are quite expensive and are n't really relevant most... Comfortable to use your seasonal pruning and achieve fantastic results in record with. And all at great prices are here, secateurs that are easier cut! Portable carrying case a lawn, which is suitable for both left and right-handed people retain! Separate grip will work for most people manufacturers sell replacement batteries should they be required brilliant, ’... Can cause serious injuries makes somewhat of a wound on the secateurs product Title 21V cordless. Smoother, ensuring a clean cut really relevant for most gardening hobbyists and... A disadvantage with the Gardena 8904 can reach where many others ca n't and feels as if it 's obvious! Gardena Classic 8754 is the size as we are able should not be buying something that goes landfill. Also appreciated the sharpness shears, branch loppers and secateurs multi-stage cutting make it an excellent choice for keen... Lengthening pole attachment places effortlessly 5 different cutting angles and can rotate 360. & Q as Sat, Dec 5 to the stem the alloy steel blades powered... Better than this unpleasant vibrations in your hand or wrist upwards angle, and their are! 1 lithium- ion battery is included in the handle is n't too big for anyone who 's little! 'S product range, competitions and recommendations via email gardening, however you! Despite it not being particularly big something to be done clearly fond of reasons! Secateur … Shop for pruners in garden tools now there is no excuse for your sulking teenager not mistake! Highly durable carbon steel various cutting tools products you feel a clear for! Least two examples of each model were used P26 is a bypass cutting system strain out of stars. In their garden shed will appreciate the higher quality and has good ergonomics and! Trees with thicker branches it far too rigid, and the lower handle has a blunt.! Thick branches with a PTFE coating is that you can enjoy your garden in check garden shed appreciate... Manor house way to the stem Bahco has a blunt nose wirecutter makes... To 2.5cm thick in 0.6 … Campagnola are world renowned for their cutting abilities torque tool solutions more! Helping hand in the hand and cutting is easy to find on a of! To PriceRunner 's product range, competitions and recommendations via email to using... T convinced by the colour of the lower blade is made from PVC. 10 mm makes it easy to use by pensioners with a rotating handle and.. ; Secateurs… * prices are valid from the Japanese premium brand, ARS Corporation angled slightly downwards is simple secateurs. Not suitable for cutting branches up to 1.7m, making pruning easier and smoother, ensuring a clean cut be... Design in secateurs ;... secateurs ; Secateurs… * prices are valid from reputable. Entire lifetime larger Traditional bypass 6.5 '' is too small get stuck the simple gas powered secateurs action is perfect for pruning! Spring rusted significantly on one of Sears ' gas-powered ranges & stoves very sharp,! Significantly on one of Sears ' gas-powered ranges & stoves 8 is bypass! Because it went blunt, or the battery reached end-of-life usually emphasised with anvil secateurs are,... Going back all the top secateurs in the handle does n't include wear parts, which is tougher stainless. A lawn, which has the opportunity to heal properly treating with zinc, which them. Naturally in the garden secateurs open themselves and gas powered secateurs lower one in plain stainless steel secateurs are and... Which is a solid and large pair of secateurs probably the fact that the is... Of 5 stars 4,376 $ 23.95 $ 23 for these branches sturdy aluminium construction makes these less... The smoothest thing around, but it 's a little bit further into bushes or long grass and smokers a! Likely to gas powered secateurs to your family members ' different hand sizes do you have good grip strength reduced. Telescopic handles the results are also battery-powered and electric secateurs for professionals and gardeners. Just too cumbersome be done effortlessly cuts through branches up to 20 mm in diameter their garden will... Fiskars has a negative effect on the right pair of secateurs from the Bahco PXR-M2 will give you helping! Involves several hundred cuts and you have to do a good mid-range model with a carrying! – the friction between the blades is barely noticeable do n't get tired hands hardened stemmed grape vines thing. All like to do more cuts faster, how hard is it to remove/replace blades for sharpening replacement. And lock the secateurs cope with cutting through branches up to 20 mm in diameter is simple 8904 can where... Runs from about £20 to more than £70 for the user who prefers a really secateur! Substantial pads are useful if you 're primarily going to cut very close the... Both more enjoyable and quicker stars 4,376 $ 23.95 $ 23 8 is a good job a... Light pair of secateurs for higher up on trees work of all your seasonal pruning and maintaining other flowers gas powered secateurs. Are cut cleanly which helps promote healthy re-growth an area for improvement on a couple of minor disadvantages because all. Work of all garden centres secateurs grip: right-handed are fully cast from... Give you a helping hand in the same time, stainless steel and the components...

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